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Image can be defined as a general impression that an organization, product or person presents to the public. First impressions make a significant impact on our professional and personal lives. First impressions set the tone when we assume the role of a customer placing a call to a company’s switchboard or making an appointment at a medical office. They can determine whether we get the job after an interview or land a top account after a sales presentation. Your image as an organization or as an individual will influence how other people perceive your ability to be successful. Investing in your image is critical to for growth and development both in your professional life and your personal life. Image Consulting, LLC. is committed to ensure that your first impression reflects you or your organization in a positive manner that will endure the test of time.

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Professional Playbook for Sporting Events with Clients : Tips for Successful Networking on Game Day

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Check out the following tips for successful networking on game day: The A,B,C’s for business networking to ensure no flags on the play.

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