Clean Out the Closet Clutter to Convey Confidence in 2014

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Clean Out the Closet Clutter to Convey Confidence in 2014

It is an all too familiar scene in every person’s closet. . . Waiting until the last minute to get dressed.  Standing in front your closet, staring at expensive clothes you bought impulsively, make you feel frumpy and garments you haven’t worn in several years.  Statistically, we only wear 25% of the clothes in our closets.  Why should you clean out the clutter?  To create a closet stocked with clothes that flatter your body shape, size, and personal style to look better, you feel better!

Many times we dress to impress other people. . . Interviewing for a new job.  Going out on a first date.  Making a presentation to a potential client.  However, research suggests that our clothes don’t influence just others—they change our own behavior as well.  Clinical psychologist and author of You Are What You Wear, Jennifer Baumgartner, states, “It’s hard to say what comes first—the choice of clothes or the state of mind.  Sometimes a mood catches up with an outfit, but what we wear is generally based on how we feel.”

How do you create a closet that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and empowered?

Steps for a W.O.W. (Wonderful, Organized, Workable) Wardrobe


1.  Schedule three uninterrupted hours (alone!) to conduct inventory of your closet, or closets, and determine in which of the following categories each item should be classified:

    • “I love it!” Garments that flatter and fit your body today.  Dress to impress yourself!  Colors that enhance natural hair, skin, and eye color.  Favorite outfits that make you feel attractive and stand a little taller.  Clothes that YOU love to wear. . . Not clothes that other people think you should wear.
    • “Has Potential.”  Maybe you bought an outfit because you liked it on the mannequin, but not sure how to wear it.  This might be an outfit that fits really well, but isn’t your best color.  Perhaps this garment needs a few alterations for your body proportions.  Evaluate the items that could work, but need a few tweaks to move to the “I love it!” category.
    • “Say Goodbye.”  The clothes that you haven’t worn in more than 2 years.  Garments you can’t get rid of because you spent an entire paycheck when you bought them.  Items that are too big, too small, and duplicates (12 red sweaters might be a bit excessive), or clothes that don’t make you feel like a million bucks.  Instead of focusing on the clothes you cannot wear today, give yourself permission to feel confident TODAY!

2. After the closet cleansing is complete, locate a new home for your clothes in the “Say Goodbye” pile and donate to a worthy cause:

  • Dress for Success.  Help a disadvantaged woman feel confident at her first job interview by giving your “gently used” business clothes to
  • Find a local shelter for victims of domestic violence and donate clothing to help those in need.
  • Contact schools and local theaters to see if they could utilize any of your clothing as costumes for plays and musical performances.

In 2014, resolve to clean out your closet and create a W.O.W. wardrobe.  You will feel more confident and empowered in clothes you can wear today, while providing garments to people who will be forever grateful that you decided to clean out the clutter.

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