Does Your Company’s Image Need an “Upgrade?”

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Does Your Company’s Image Need an “Upgrade?”

Each day we receive messages alerting us to various upgrades and improvements we should download to ensure computers and mobile devices operate more efficiently and effectively.  Many people ignore these updates until something goes wrong; often times the crash is the impetus to taking a closer look at the problem and making the necessary changes for productivity.  A good friend of mine (and self proclaimed member of the technology “nerd herd”) offered this analogy when dealing with technological updates. When a message in your car dashboard flashes “maintenance required,” you don’t ignore this warning.  The same principle applies to your image. . . Why do we regularly service our vehicles and technology, but updating our company’s image isn’t considered routine maintenance?

The Importance of Organizational Assessment and Continuous ImprovementWord cloud for Organizational culture

By conducting an Organizational Image Assessment (OIA) on a quarterly basis, leaders have a more accurate reflection of the existing strengths and challenges.  The OIA is a tool for leaders to increase productivity, and ultimately revenue, by reducing a potentially hazardous environment. Your organization will be better equipped to put processes in place and allocate resources to improving the overall performance of the operating system – the organization as a whole.

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