Know Before You Go: Tips for Summer Wardrobe Shopping

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Know Before You Go: Tips for Summer Wardrobe Shopping

Summer is almost here! What are some staples that everyone needs for a sensational Summer wardrobe? White slacks that fit your body shape; navy, black or khaki shorts in an appropriate length for work and play; a flattering swim suit and cover-up; a casual, summer suit for the office, 2-3 skirts, tops, and dresses in bright colors, and of course, sunglasses that are functional and fashionable! Get excited!

For many people, the mere thought of shopping can conjure up feelings of anxiety and unpleasant memories from your childhood.  Hours of trying on clothes during “Back to School” sales at crowded department stores.  Anticipating your Mother’s disapproval outside the fitting room.  Watching your Dad wipe the sweat from his brow as he hands over the credit card to the sales associate.  Inevitably, previous shopping experiences can negatively impact your capability to successfully shop and purchase new clothes.  This cycle CAN be broken with a little determination and a positive attitude!

Follow these tips to help your shopping experience not only be tolerable, but maybe even enjoyable!

1. Review calendar for the remainder of the year and determine wardrobe needs for upcoming events.
2. Make a list of the garments in your closet that you need to replace.
3. Establish a realistic budget and stick to it!
4. Schedule at least 3 hours for the shopping excursion.
5. The early bird gets the worm—Arrive when stores open as if you were going on a first date.
6. Wear a button-down shirt for easier changes vs. round neck to minimize make-up from rubbing off on shirt collars.
7. Wear minimal or no jewelry to prevent snagging on clothes.
8. Wear comfortable shoes and clean socks without holes.
9. Treat yourself to a pedicure before shopping for open-toe shoes or sandals.
10. When shopping for swimsuits, get a spray tan to help reduce shock and awe of fluorescent lights in the fitting room.
11. Words of wisdom from Helen in the movie, Bridesmaids, “It’s not good to eat a heavy meal before a fitting.” Eat a light snack before shopping.
12. Pack a water bottle and take break a when you are frustrated and ready to quit.
13. Remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel!  Stay focused and celebrate small “wins!”  Even if you purchase only a pair of jeans after 3 hours of shopping, you have a new pair of jeans.  Each shopping adventure will get easier as you become more comfortable with the process.


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