Prior Planning = Perfect Packing. Key tips to plan for a conference with confidence.

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Prior Planning = Perfect Packing. Key tips to plan for a conference with confidence.

Image-ConsultingFAVICONThe 4 week countdown.


4 weeks to travel date. Savvy Shopping Strategies

Establish Appropriate Budget for new clothes, shoes and accessories. Be a Discount Diva! Look for online coupons, holiday sales, membership rewards, frequent shopper cards, bonus bucks. etc. Summer clothes are on sale BEFORE the summer season actually begins! Start shopping NOW to ensure you have adequate time and resources for your Conference wardrobe.

Shop all sizes and sections at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross, Kohl’s. Clothes can be restocked in the wrong section of the store. . . Don’t be afraid to try on something that you wouldn’t ordinarily choose. . . Many garments look better on a REAL person than on the mannequin!


3 weeks to travel date: Confident Clothing: Tailor Made

Alterations are the KEY to a polished image. . . Hem slacks, jeans, shorts, & skirts based on your height. A perfect fitting garment doesn’t require a perfect figure. . . Tailor your clothes to fit YOU!


2 weeks to travel date: Off the Rack. . . Before You Pack

Purchase a garment rack (Less than $25 @ Wal-Mart) to utilize for developing your Conference wardrobe. Try on EVERY outfit with shoes & accessories to ensure your clothes are clean, suitable for the event, and make you feel empowered. If you don’t feel your BEST in an outfit. . . Don’t wear it!


1 week to departure: Get G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S

Schedule haircut/color, manicure, pedicure, etc. appointments for the week before departure. Do NOT attempt any radical changes in style or color the week before Conference! If you want a new “look” try it out NOW and see how you feel!

Packing Tips

  • Pack garments in between plastic dry-cleaning bags to prevent wrinkles. The less ironing you have to do in the hotel room the better! Hotel irons aren’t always the most current or effective.
  • Tag outfits with days for wear by attaching post it notes. Leave yourself notes about the day for each.
  • Try to stick with outfits that resist wrinkles such as rayon, polyester, and silk. Linen pants usually don’t look as fabulous after 5 hours of meetings!
  • Pack a full-size lint roller to remove lint before leaving each morning and travel size for your tote during the day! White napkins can stick around after lunch on black pants!

Do’s & Don’t of Travel Prep

DO: Prepare for extreme temperature changes from Hot’lanta summer heat to COLD meeting rooms inside the convention center by packing a lightweight cotton sweater or blazer with 3/4 length sleeves to wear over a sleeveless shirt or blouse.

DON’T: Wear an old college sweatshirt or winter fleece pull-over! Remember even when the temperature changes, you want to still feel confident and stylish.

DO: Wear outfits to easily transition from day to evening activities without a complete outfit change. Wear a basic wrap dress with a jacket during the day and remove jacket for a dressier look in the evening.

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