“The 2014 Corporate Draft. . . Recruiting the Best Players for Your Business”

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“The 2014 Corporate Draft. . . Recruiting the Best Players for Your Business”

As Spring quickly approaches and the NFL draft, it is also a time when many organizations assess last year’s company and employee performance.   Recruiting and hiring the best players can be one of the best predictors of success, not only in the NFL but also in the corporate setting.  Any coach knows that selecting the BEST player, not simply the RIGHT player, can make or break the entire season.  However, some companies do not devote the time and resources for the recruiting process.  Ineffective selection processes can result in increased turnover, decreased productivity and lost revenue.  “There is no other recruiting process in America in which an institution invests more time and resources than the NFL draft,” said Dan Geller on www.dangeller.com.

As NFL teams begin to scout potential candidates, organizations can benefit from following a similar process for selecting new players.   Before reviewing films or resumes, leaders must answer the following questions:

  1. Are job descriptions, roles and responsibilities clearly outlined and specific to each team member?  Are the duties for each position accurate and relevant for new organizational structure and leadership 2014?
  2. Who is currently on our team and what are their individual strengths and weaknesses?  Who has potential for upward mobility within the organization?  How does each individual contribute to the growth and development of our team?
  3. Who do we need to hire to fill in the gaps and achieve organizational goals and be profitable in 2014?
  4. Is our interview and selection process consistent and objective? Are we asking the best questions to find the best players for our team culture?

Tim Brewster, Recruiting Coordinator at Florida State University, states, “Any good head coach understands the importance of recruiting and how talent can help you overcome a lot of different things. There’s a tremendous amount of quality coaches in college football today, but the best ones are the ones that know that getting talent in recruiting translates to wins on Saturdays.”  The teams that have played in the past seven BCS National Championships — Alabama, Auburn, Florida, LSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas — averaged recruiting classes that ranked No. 8 overall.

Build magazine’s Quarterly Report on Talent Management researches talent management and top growth companies, including Big Ass Fans, a $125 million manufacturer of residential, commercial, and industrial fans.  Carey Smith, CEO and Culture Czar at Big Ass Fans, diligently focuses on hiring employees with two personality traits:  curiosity and positivity, while reinforcing the values through training and company culture.  Big Ass Fans has more than doubled their revenue in the past three years.  It is evident that recruitment and selection play an integral role in organizational success.

Whether in the NFL, NCAA, small business, or large corporation, finding and retaining the best players will result in a winning season in 2014.

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