Corporate & Professional Consulting

“My wife and I have had the privilege of working with Ellen for an entire year. Within that time frame of just twelve months, Ellen provided recommendations for organization and training that resulted in increased sales and profits. Ellen is naturally talented and has a gift of knowing right away how to handle situations, as well as structure your business in a manner that leads to positive results for both management and sales. Ellen is great and has a beautiful personality. She is very positive and tells you what you need to hear even if at first it is difficult to accept. She is goal oriented and focused, including spending and ROI. She breaks down situations into small increments and rebuilds from there, always planning ahead and teaching fresh perspectives and effective approaches from the status quo.”

Sal Ferro,
Tutor Doctor of Franklin


“I have worked with Ms. Ellen Marlow, CEO of Image Consulting, for almost 4 months as consultant for our firm, Pharmacy Care of Tennessee.  Her mission was to help our company increase sales by developing effective marketing strategies for both areas of our business, retail and specialty pharmacy services.  We recently extended our original 3-month contract for another 3 months.

Ms. Marlow has been an absolutely excellent addition to our resources.  She possesses the qualities desired by every manager and business owner.  She is, of course, bright and very competent.  One can tell within a very short time that her abilities are extensive and well defined.  Ms. Marlow has that positive, “can do” attitude that all executives look for, and she follows that attitude with assertive action.  She has the knowledge base to understand and act on objectives given to her without needing detailed instructions.  If she is in any way uncertain about a course of action, she has the resourcefulness to seek and find answers.  No hand-holding is ever required.

Ms. Marlow possesses self-assurance that engenders confidence without ever being threatening.  Her demeanor and positive approach is uplifting to those working with Ms. Marlow.  She is always a team player, but more so a generator of a team spirit.  Leading by example, she will have a positive influence on others that generates cohesiveness. She has true leadership qualities, trust and confidence.

Our agreement with Ms. Marlow was for 2 days per week distributed however most efficient.  Her work ethic is so extended that she always gives more than what is required. Her energy, willingness to achieve, and desire to excel continue to drive her the proverbial extra mile.”


William Johnson
Pharmacy Care of Tennessee


“Thank you so much for the educational, entertaining and enlightening presentation to the Nashville Dental Society.

Your topic, “Seeing your Office Through the Eyes of Your Patients,” allowed all of our members to be aware of the nonverbal information that our patients gain through perception and judgment of our physical facilities, people and attitudes and the communication skill set of our employees and staff.

Your presentation was excellence and everyone gave you high praise on your presentation style and your personality.”

Pat Horvat
Executive Director

Nashville Dental Society


Ellen Marlow, Image Consulting LLC, has been the tipping point in my business. We felt like we had plateaued and could not find the capacity to grow as we needed to. She came and spent focused time on our office image to improve the warmness and to help clients feel not only welcome but at home. She listened to our verbiage when we talked with clients and office staff and helped us understand what words not only sounded best but what kind of speech best fit our personality. This has been extremely helpful in growing our business and has improved communication not only with clients but also within our office. After implementing Ellen’s strategies and techniques we have almost doubled our business and are on track to do so again this year. If you feel like you have become stuck in your business or feel like an outside opinion would be nice, Ellen with Image Consulting will provide you with the tools you need to accomplish your goals if your willing to do the work.

Since we have implemented the processes that Ellen provided us, she has followed up with us several time to make sure we are on track to hit our goals. She has provided feedback all along the way with words of encouragement and an understanding that no business/person is perfect but there is always room for improvement.

Eric D Williams
Financial Advisor

“Ellen is nothing short of amazing! She is so much more than a friend, client and trusted advisor. She’s a catalyst for life changing self-image, both personal and professional. After what I like to call a ‘closet revival’ we completely transformed my image, leaving me feeling confident from head to toe. Clients, friends and family have all commented…’you look great, what are you doing different?…your make-up looks incredible, what did you change?…’ all without a clue that Ellen Marlow was behind it all. Well, up until I give her all the credit which she so rightfully deserves. I can now enter into a business meeting with such confidence, shop quickly and efficiently for items I know work and won’t die a slow death in the back of my closet, and well let’s just say it…turn a few heads. As a business owner, a face of the company, a wife, and a mom, I highly recommend Ellen Marlow. She’ll change your life, or perhaps save it. Her Elle’s Essentials emergency kit is fantastic!!”

Andrea Farr
Nashville Geek


“The Ellen Effect” aka The Butterfly Effect
The scientific theory that a single occurrence, even something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings, can change the course of the universe forever.

“They say that God will never give you anything you cannot handle. Well, after a new business and a new baby all in one year I was throwing my hands up.

The day that I met Ellen is the day that I began to fall in love with my business again. One flap of her wings is all it took. She had rekindled the spark that set the waves in motion. Through her coaching I was able to take immediate action to increase my business. Ellen and I worked together to implement systems that have freed me from the mundane day-to-day chores, keeping me excited about creatively developing my business.

With Ellen’s consultation, guidance and support, I have successfully positioned my business in an extremely saturated market. Through group and individual training sessions with my teachers and staff, Ellen was able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in each employee. Immediately, she gave my staff the tools they need to become business developers and thus actively participate in the success of the studio. Together, we finessed every step of the student- teacher experience to ensure that Fahrenheit Yoga Studio is the best place to and practice yoga and work.

Corporate Image Consulting with Ellen is not a luxury but instead, a vital necessity for any corporation, CEO, or business owner wanting to take it to the next level. Ellen has been the business partner I didn’t have (without giving up equity), the sanity in my often insaneness, the accountability provider I needed, and the cheerleader when I doubted myself.

Ellen, thanks for the lift and cheers to an amazing ride!”
“Go on, hitch a ride on the back of a butterfly. There’s no better way to fly.” – Pat Monahan

Nora Shabayek
Owner & Director
Farenheit Yoga
Nashville, TN

“When my friend told me about Ellen’s Image Consulting business, I knew I had to give her a call. As a health care provider, I have the luxury of wearing scrubs every day. Unfortunately, I was so overwhelmed with work and raising two children that I let the “sloppy scrubs” look overflow into my after-work hours and weekends. I didn’t have the desire or energy to shop, my closet was a disaster, and I felt helpless when it came to figuring out what to wear to different events. Ellen just swooped in and took all of my fears and the guesswork right away! She educated me in how I should dress, fixed my closet nightmare, and walked me through makeup and hair and colors–all in a very efficient way which suited my crazy schedule. The short amount of time I spent working with Ellen will carry over for the rest of my life and was a truly beneficial experience. I will certainly continue to use Ellen’s services in the future because, thankfully, she was gifted with a love for shopping and an eye for knowing what looks best!”

Dental Professional
West Tennessee


“I contacted Ellen for assistance on a professional development project.  Ellen was able to lay out a strategic plan to move to the next level.  As a tenured Healthcare Sales Executive, Ellen assisted on reassessing & enhancing both personal and business goals.  She was able to advise on different ways to focus on my business and give an objective view of my interpersonal communication skills. This has aided in breaking some old habits & polishing my presentation skills for a winning approach.  Her coaching techniques have taken my confidence level to new heights with a renewed positive energy.  Ellen is very passionate about what she does and has an innate ability to inspire you to reach your goals.  This has been evident in the face of my customers and  has been reflected in my sales results going from the bottom all the way to the top!  Above all, Ellen is an amazing, christian woman that has become a true friend, coach & confidant.”

JE – Brentwood, TN

Leadership Development

“Ellen does it again! After completely turning my business around the first time, she was the first person I called when I needed help with leadership development for my director, Chris. We were having difficulties communicating with one another and as a result, we were both having a hard time working together to achieve our goals. After just a few sessions, I have seen a drastic improvement in Chris’ performance as a leader, manager and director. Ellen has provided Chris with valuable insight and helped him gain perspective in terms of managing relationships, prioritizing, strategic thinking, and overall confidence.

Every session with Ellen is highly customized and carefully thought through to address THE most important leadership issues that managers face today that span: leadership authenticity, negotiation, organizational management, strategy planning and execution. Ellen has helped Chris hone in on his strengths and recognize his greatness allowing him to really tap into his personal leadership style. Her ability to awaken leaders to their true purpose and gifts and remarkable capacity to draw out the best in people, is truly unmatched . After working with Ellen, Chris is making better, more fearless business decisions, and inspiring the team to work together to provide the Fahrenheit Yoga community with the best yoga experience in town.

Ellen’s enthusiastic coaching style and business expertise have helped myself and my director to bring clarity, focus and direction to the long term business plans. This has dramatically improved our effectiveness and cohesiveness as a team resulting in providing a great working environment for the whole staff. As an owner, I depend on Ellen Marlow for HR support necessary to the success and growth of my business because she has a true gift for bringing the best out of the whole team. Every dollar invested in this process is returned to the company’s bottom line. I highly recommend Image Consulting for leadership management and training.”

Nora Shabayek
Owner & Director
Farenheit Yoga
Nashville, TN

Professional Image Consulting

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with Ellen with Image Consulting. Ellen’s ability to listen to what I need at that moment combined with her gift of seeing how things will work together in the future is invaluable. Her attention to detail and knack of accessorizing has made me more confident and put-together both personally and professionally. Ellen is a true gem!”

Jennifer Pasalakis
National Executive Director
Thirty-One Gifts

“Wise, Talented, Inspiring and Passionate! Ellen has helped me personally and professionally take my career to the next level. She has a way of listening then transforming your thoughts into a polished professional presentation. She provides thorough and insightful information. Her wisdom is way beyond her years. She has a passion to help people succeed and desire to do everything she can to help her clients make their dreams come true. Ellen’s passion for empowering women inspires everyone around her.

She is a beautiful woman inside and out. She has been a blessing from God. It has been a true pleasure to be a client and now a friend of Ellen with Image Consulting, LLC.”

Whitney-Faith Crisp
Faith Consulting Inc.
Nashville, TN

Personal Image Consulting

“Ellen isn’t just a stylist, she’s a spark that ignites who you already are and who you want to be. During my careers in marketing and broadcast media, it was my job to help myself and others create successful and memorable impressions. But after years as a stay-at-home mom and with no time or energy for myself, my t-shirts and yoga pants wardrobe had become a reflection of only one side of my life. With Ellen’s help and encouragement, I was able to remember my strengths, realize my own sense of style, and reflect the person I want to be for myself and others. Ellen is a wonderful combination of both cheerleader and coach. I have no doubt that she can do for others what she has done for me. Thank you, Ellen.”

Nolensville, TN

“Ellen, through her unwavering dedication to empowering women, makes it very clear that confidence is a woman’s greatest accessory. In working with Ellen, I have discovered that it is critical to make myself a priority and resist the temptation to be negative.

She is an incredible role model, leader, coach, mentor and professional. Her ideas are endless and creative with the focus always remaining on a positive self-image.

Ellen provides a comprehensive and holistic plan developed in partnership with her clients. Her ability to listen, ask thought provoking questions and ensure success, in all of its forms, is truly amazing. She is engaged with her clients for the laughs, tears, triumphs and the occasional bumps along the way. She genuinely enjoys the journey.”

Dawn B. Duncan
Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations/ Executive Director of the Foundation
Fashion Institute of Technology
New York, NY

“I have had the privilege of knowing Ellen for the past 6 years, through my mother. She has not only been an employer to me, but she has also been a genuine and caring friend. Moreover, she has been a professional and honest mentor to me throughout various job interviews, rush processes in Greek life, and in building my resume. Ellen has a way of making you feel comfortable and important in any situation, which is why I will always look to her for future advice.”


Millie E. Goodwin
Nashville, TN

“I met Ellen through a mutual friend in need of help updating my resume. Ellen in one word awesome. She is very positive, inspirational, professional and intuitive to exactly what you need. It has been a great pleasure to meet her and receive her help. The finished product of my resume exceeded my expectation and also had three interviews immediately after applying for jobs.I am soo thankful to have had this opportunity to use her services.Ellen you rock, would not hesitate to use your services again or refer to you to anyone else in need.”

Nikki Morales
Chicago, IL